Song Dillon’s destiny was laid out from birth, literally named for a life in Music. She grew up in the hills of Knoxville, TN, immersed in country music. Her mother started her on piano lessons at a very young age, and she started writing songs on the piano at 14. Her father, Legendary Songwriter & CMA Hall of Famer Dean Dillon, bought her a guitar at 16, and she continued to learn and write on both instruments.

Song started a family at age 18 and is now a young, married mother of three at the age of 23. Inspired by her family’s legacy, yet determined to carve her own path, Song found herself writing and relating to a whole new generation of music lovers, pouring her heart and soul into her music. In October 2021, she signed a Publishing Deal with Sandbar Songs.

Right out of the gate, Song’s talent has brought her to the writing table with heavy hitters. She has written with “Co-writer to the stars” Liz Rose (most known for her songs with Taylor Swift), Grammy Award Winning Songwriter/Producer Jim “Moose” Brown, hit songwriter Phil Barton, country music artist Kayley Green, and many others.

“As my father says, it’s in our blood. My life has always been and will always be about Music.”

We are celebrating the release of “You Left Me”, on all digital platforms, the debut single by Song Dillon! Written by Song Dillon, Jim Moose Brown, and Kayley Madison.

“When we wrote the song, we wrote it about as if we were ever given the chance to see someone again that really hurt us. It is everything that we would say to them, assuming they’d regret losing us and want us back.”

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