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SEAN GASAWAY PRESENTS: Songwriting Entrepreneurship – Songwriting, Music Publishing, Licensing, and Entertainment In An Independent World

LOCATION: Pensacola Beach Church
DATE: October 7, 2023
REGISTRATION: To reserve a seat for this workshop, Send an email with your full name, address, and phone number to We will send you a confirmation.


This workshop is extremely informative and helps independent songwriters find better ways to generate income and expand their careers. Come prepared to take notes and with any questions you may have.
1. How does a music copyright generate revenue? What is the difference between a composition copyright and sound recording copyright?
2. What is a Performance Rights Organization (PRO) and the MLC?
3. Why all creators of music should have ownership of their own publishing and sound recordings.
4. When a music publishing or record deal is right for you and when it isn’t.
5. How can a songwriter use their gifts in the world of entertainment (movies, TV, social media, video games, etc.)?
6. How to find sync license opportunities independently? What is a sync license?



Sean Gasaway is the Education Coordinator of the Mississippi Songwriters Alliance, and CEO of Gasaway Music, an independent publishing company with nearly 250 revenue generating copyrights via radio, television, motion pictures, video games, and national ad campaigns. Gasaway Music has worldwide sub publishing thru deals with Bluewater Music Services, Universal Music Group, Sony, and many other major and independent record labels.