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Presenter: Bruce Wawryzniak

Location: Pensacola Beach Church

Time: 10:30am

Cost: Free

This workshop will be led by the founder and president of Now Hear This, Inc., Bruce Wawrzyniak.  For 20 years now he has provided publicist services to clients from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Chicago to Charlotte to Nashville to Atlanta to Tampa and points in between, including songwriters who have participated in the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival.  He is also an active speaker at events throughout the United States.  Find more about his agency at and check out his music interviews podcast at

There is no cost to attend this 75-minute workshop.  Learn steps you can take to improve your current efforts to promote your music career ranging from interviews (TV, radio, print media, podcasts, online media) to your online presence (the Web, social media, streaming platforms) to artist relations to merch and more, including intangibles and resources.  You’ll come away with tactics you can implement immediately, many of which can be activated with little to no cost.

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