Ronny Miller


Ronny Miller is the founding member of The Southern Breeze Band, The Gulf Coast’s longest running band. Formed in 1980 they had 2 chart records “She’s A Lover” in 1983 and “Just An Imitation” in 1984. They have opened up for over 35 major artists since they formed. Ronny is the Songwriter for the “Breeze” having written over 139 songs he has had 2 number ones in the Indie’ World Charts worldwide “Kickin’ Back” which he wrote with Jay Brown of Nashville. He has a video of another song which he wrote with Jay called “Drive Fast, Turn Left” which is all over the internet on YouTube. Ronny has a total of 8 albums including 2 with Southern Breeze and a “self-titled” album and one called “Kickin” Back” . He recently recorded two more Christian albums one called” The Handy work Of God” and the other called “Unplugged Again.”

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