Ami Gussie Russ


One listen and it becomes crystal clear Ami Gussie Russ was born to make music. Her soothing sound and powerful lyrics will send you jet setting into a broad range of human emotions. Ami grew up in rural Florida on the banks of the Blackwater River. She was raised with strong family values and with a love of country music. Ami took that love of music and chased her dreams all the way to California. While in California she honed her craft. Traveling and performing on stages across the US. Her music reached audiences in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Japan. She was able to share her gift while teaching and earning a degree. Ami’s country-folk-rock melodies are catchy and convey life in a way everyone can relate too. Her lyrics are reflective of a modest upbringing which helped foster her creativity. “My childhood centered around family, church, and music. We created our own fun, and were encouraged to let our imaginations run wild. I’m pretty sure that’s why I write songs today.” It is this artistic abandonment that country music has fallen in love with and branded Ami Gussie Russ as an artist to watch in 2019. After releasing her self titled EP to iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora to rave reviews. She knew it was time to create the album she had long dreamt of. Ami’s highly anticipated new album “Friends Call Me Gussie” will yield something for everyone! “I have been blessed to perform and travel the world and have collected some of the most incredible stories. Stories that I know, when people hear them, will make them feel a little less alone. After all, that’s what music is all about.” Ami Gussie Russ is an artist whose refreshingly authentic sound will leave you wanting more.

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