Bonnie Warren


BONNIE WARREN, SONGWRITER - Multi-genre and busy songwriter. Split time between Nashville & Philadelphia. Work with talent in both cities. MOST RECENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS: - 2017 GRAND PRIZE in the PENSACOLA BEACH SONGWRITERS’ FESTIVAL Song Contest -Nominee: TSAI “2016 Female Songwriter of the Year”. - 2016 FIRST PLACE, Dallas Songwriters Assn. Song Contest, Singer Songwriter Category and Runner Up for entire contest. Have worn many hats over the years: Was Staff Writer on Artists and “Music Industry Events” for WHOA Magazine; Booked a venue; Coordinated a non-profit music organization; Organized showcases, networking, and educational events; Initiated and activated a Summer Concert Series in the Park; Volunteered at “Grammy In The Schools” events; Lead singer/guitarist in acoustic band; and more. Music has appeared in commercials, on indie releases, and in indie film. Also have single song pub deals and have won other awards. ALWAYS up for joining a new project or even just coffee 615-636-3609;

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