Tim Chandler


Tim was born in Birmingham Alabama, but a native of Pensacola Florida since he was two. In middle school Tim began writing poetry and winning awards for his writing. Tim took what he felt from his heart and put it on paper. December 1999 Tim joined the United States Marine Corps. Tim served sixteen years and was retired after injuries sustained in Iraq. Tim returned home and began to put his life back together. Three years ago Operation Song and Rusty Tabor out of Nashville reached out to Tim and other local Veterans with a desire to help. Helping Veterans write songs to tell their story is a great therapeutic method to recovery and healing. Tim wrote his first song Fight for me about his struggle coming from combat and fighting the family court to see his kids. Tim wrote the song 22 to bring awareness to the 22 Veterans a day that commit suicide. Tim’s heart is with our Veterans and he hopes somehow someway he can make a difference.

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