The Sandbar/Frisky Dolphin
Wednesday Oct. 2 – Open Mic – Pre Kick off Party

Thursday Oct. 3
6pm Ronny Miller
7pm The Wilson Brothers (Kyle/Chad), Lance Dubroc
8pm Marc Alan Barnette, Scott Southworth, Daryl Dasher

Welcome Party Bash!!

Friday Oct. 4
6pm Michael McMillan
6:30pm Michael Doucet, Sarah Quintana
7:15pm Jerry Vandiver, Tim Buppert, Ann Buckle
8:15pm Greg Crowe, Chris Gantry
9:30pm Bernie Nelson, Karen Staley, Michael Peterson

Saturday Oct. 5
3 – 5pm Open Mike
6pm Wayward Jones (Bicycle and Amanda)
7:00pm Alan Rhody, Thom Bresh, Jim Pasquale
8:15pm Pete Sallis, Brian White, Jim McCormick
9:30pm Jeremy Bussey, Lance Carpenter, Dani Carroll

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