Thursday Oct. 4
7pm Ronny Miller
8pm Jack Bond, Thom Brest
9pm Rusty Budde, Jim Pasquale, Jonmark Stone

Friday Oct. 5
7pm Amanda Walker, Donna Slater
8pm Nouveaux Honkies
9pm Jim McCormick, Mike Loudermilk, Alissa Moreno
10pm Late Night – Bernie Nelson, Kensie Coppin, Tiffany Goss

Saturday Oct. 6
3 – 5pm Open Mike
6pm Tommy Ike Hailey, Shawn Bowling, Michael Peterson (local)
7pm Elaine Petty, Suzi Ragsdale, Stephen Lee Veal
8pm Dani Carroll, Donna Britton, Ruell Chappell
9pm Jeremey Bussey, Josh Kerr, Nicole Johnson

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