La Playita

Thursday Oct. 4 - Girls Night Out
7pm Goldie Lahr, Jessie Lynn Ritter
8pm Jill Kinsey, Brigitte London, Donna Slater
9pm Donna Britton, Dani Carroll, Colleen Lloy

Friday Oct. 5
6pm Ashton Clark, Melissa Bret, Kylie Feltenberger
7pm Jonmark Stone, Rusty Budde
8pm Dan Demay, DJ Demay, Joel Shewmake
9pm Jeff Silvey, Rusty Tabor, Tim Buppert

Saturday Oct. 6
3pm Michael Peterson (local), Chloe Channell, Payton Taylor
4pm Andi Zack Johnson, Ken Johnson
5:30pm Jerry Vandiver, Anne Buckle, Whit Hill

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