Bamboo Willie's

Thursday Oct.4
7pm Kyle Wilson, Chad Wilson, DJ Demay
7:45pm Sandy Roots Songwriter Series Showcase Christina Christian, Nick Biebricher, Kevin Swanson
8:45pm Dan Demay, Jeff Silvey, Rusty Tabor

Friday Oct.5
7pm Michael Doucet, Sarah Quintana
8pm Jared Blake, Billy Droze
9pm Pete Sallis, Brian White, Keith Follese
10pm Colleen Lloy, Donna Britton, Dani Carroll
11:00pm James LeBlanc, Angela Hacker, Matt Warren

Saturday Oct.6
7pm Kensie Coppin, Jessie Ritter
8pm Jim McCormick, Mike Loudermilk, Troy Martin
9pm Phillip White, Joe Leathers, Tiffany Goss
10pm Sam Price, Chad Parker, Donna Slater
11pm Last Honky Tonk Music Series/Road to 3rd Street Songwriters Festival Brigitte London, Jill Kinsey, Sean Gasaway, Daryl Dasher

Sunday Oct. 7
1pm Michael Wheeler, Lauren Kay
2pm Ruell Chappell, Jim Pasquale, Jack Bond
3pm Greg Crowe, Chris Gantry, Dave Gibson
4pm Michael Peterson II, Anthony Smith

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