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The Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival depends on our wonderful group of volunteers in order to bring fantastic live music shows to Pensacola Beach year after year! If you are interested in joining our amazing Volunteer Staff, fill out the form below:

Volunteer Form

Additional Information

For new Volunteers: Please summarize any Skills and Qualifications you have acquired from employment, other volunteer work, or through activities that will help us determine the best volunteer opportunity for you.

For return Volunteers: Please let us know what work/ activities you would like to support this year.

Every volunteer will receive one Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival Volunteer t-shirt prior to the event.

Shirt Size *

Please note: Location of assignments will be based on your stated skills and where your help is most needed. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate requests for assignments at specific venues, and we appreciate your willingness to pitch in wherever needed to make the event successful!

Our Policies

This organization provides equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability. Volunteers represent the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival and are expected to adhere to all rules and policies covered during mandatory volunteer orientation.

Below are the policies regarding Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival volunteer involvement. By completing this form, I acknowledge I have read the policies and, if chosen as a volunteer, I will abide by the terms of agreement outlined in this code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

I understand that I represent the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival to our artists, patrons and the public at large, and it is important to portray a positive image. Regardless of my capacity or seniority as a volunteer, I am expected to:

- Represent the organization with professionalism, courtesy, and pride, and be responsible for conducting myself in an appropriate manner
- Attend mandatory volunteer training, dates to be announced
- Refrain from consuming alcohol or drugs while on a shift, and I will not report for duty while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
- Show up on time and dressed appropriately for scheduled events
- Stay through my entire shift and complete assigned tasks. Treat all artists, attendees and staff with respect and courtesy, and work cooperatively as a team member
- Refrain from soliciting business or bequests to the artists for personal or professional benefit
- Smile and have fun!

Terms of Agreeement

- I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct
- I agree to complete my assigned shifts and tasks
- I agree to contact the Volunteer Coordinator or House Manager as early as possible if circumstances prevent me from being present for my assigned shift
- If I breach the Code of Conduct, I acknowledge I may be relieved of my duties and escorted from the site. Such conduct may also result in denial of access to future volunteer opportunities with the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Festival

*By checking the box below, I hereby agree to the Code of Conduct and Terms of Agreement as stated herein* *
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