Hailing from Montgomery, AL, Cota Cheek began his music career at a young age. From the time he could barely hold a guitar there has always been one nearby to pick up and play. Just after middle school the focus switched from just guitar to include vocals and the idea of songwriting. Through high school the spectrum grew to include a multitude of wood wind and percussion instruments as well as the catalog of songs he would write in his free time. During college the formation of “Fents” was underway quickly becoming the main focus for his writing and production. While the writing for “Fents” takes things further down the heavier rock path, his personal writing style flows towards a more heartfelt and introspective outlook.

A wide range of influences including John Mayer, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, Taylor Goldsmith, Evan Stephens Hall, Leif Vollebekk, and many more talented songwriters help inspire the direction of Cota’s musical creations.

PBSF Performance Schedule:

THU OCT 5 – 8:00pm *  Sandshaker
FRI OCT 6 – 6:00pm *  Casino Beach Bar
SAT OCT 7 – 9:00pm * Bamboo Willies