Marija Droze was born in the small Eastern European country of Lithuania. There was always a spiritual beckoning toward music from as early as she could remember. Among these artists, topping the list was and is Emmylou Harris, and she quickly discovered more American singers that fueled her passion, such as Dolly Parton, Alison Krauss, Johnny Cash, Keith Whitley and the list goes on. Marija spent the better half of her life studying music in some of Europe’s top music universities where she honed her skills as a vocalist, classic pianist and majoring in music theory.
She met the love of her life, Billy Droze, as he was touring Europe, who also was deeply involved in music. Her first single “Listen to Your Heart” is available on Air Play Direct, it is a lament of her life thus far. She said, “I’m just thankful to make music, A lifelong dream that is finally coming true.” Most notably, the hit song “Raging Rivers”, that has been on the Bluegrass Charts for more than a year, topping out at #5. A classic duet with her husband that introduced her nationally into the genre of Bluegrass music. Look for Marija Droze and her next single “Cry Baby Cry”, currently on all your favorite streaming sites.
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