There are no strangers here— only friends you haven’t met yet. This is Katie’s chorus, both in her song Stranger in a Strange Land and in her life.

Katie Dineen is singer-songwriter based out of Pensacola, Florida. Playing music has always been a part of Katie’s life, first learning classical piano as a child before picking up guitar and veering towards folk and indie-rock music as a teenager.

Songwriting is not only a personal endeavour for Katie but also a communal one. She founded and hosts the Pensacola Songwriter Rounds, a monthly show series in which herself and three other songwriters share their original songs to a listening room. Her intention with the show series is to help cultivate the Pensacola songwriter scene by providing a stage for songwriters to share their music, be mutually inspired, and collaborate with one another.

This One’s For You, Katie’s debut ten-track album, comes out August 2nd, 2024. A mix of full band and stripped down acoustic songs, This One’s for You is a labor of love that’s taken years to release, with songs in the album ranging in emotion and content. Invisible Strings, the first single from the album released November 2023, explores the idea of connecting to all the parts of yourself— your inner child and your inner sage— and asking yourself, “What am I dreaming of?“ All the Little Things, the second single released, was Katie’s front porch, early morning stream-of-consciousness musings on an Alice Walker quote, as well as observances of the morning. Other songs in the EP explore feelings of heartbreak, healing, falling in love, friendship, and a deep reverence for nature.

This One’s For You is gratitude disguised as an EP: a big ol’ thank you to everyone who has supported Katie on the journey of being a songwriter and a musician.