Brenan Woody has been involved in music since his early childhood, when he first started playing the piano at a young age. Born and raised in Tennessee, he is well-known for his contributions to the Bluegrass genre. As an accomplished guitarist and mandolinist, he has played in various bands across different styles in the Panhandle area. In 2018, he started a notable project called The Gator Boys, which disbanded in 2023.

Undeterred by this setback, Brenan remains deeply engaged in his musical pursuits, actively participating in the creation and composition of songs alongside his bands Monarch & the Milkweeds and The New Cahoots. Throughout the passing years, his musical identity has flourished and evolved, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including classic Rock, Funk, R&B, Gospel, Classic Country, and, naturally, Bluegrass. The spectrum of Brenan’s songwriting style is equally eclectic, traversing themes from poignant introspection concerning mental health challenges to lighthearted anecdotes centered around intriguing individuals he has encountered during his human existence. Presently residing in Pensacola, he shares his home with his two cats and extends his musical expertise by offering private music instruction from the comfort of his home.