I’m Butch Salter, from Burnt Corn, Alabama. I was born a long time ago. When I was fifty, I bought a guitar for $50. I beat on it for a couple years trying to teach myself how to play until I bout drove myself crazy. I played it regular for 22 years and learned to play a few songs. Even wrote a couple songs and a few poems.

I met Jim and Reneda Pasquale about 10 years ago. Jim called me one day and asked me over to help him on a song. We tried for a few minutes and didn’t get anywhere. We talked about a fellow from Monroeville, then I said something like” I don’t care if he don’t like me”, Jim said “I don’t care if he does” …Jim says, hey that’s a song and wrote it down. In 15 minutes, we had the chorus and in a couple weeks, we had the verses. That’s how song writing goes, it just kinda sneaks up on you, and you have to catch it while it’s lurking around or it’s gone forever. Jim taught me enough to get to a place where I could enjoy writing and playing music. Jim was my hunting partner and one of my best friends ever.

“If my music career was like a baseball game, I struck out twice, then finally got a ‘bunt’ and made it to first base, I’ve never hit a home run, but at least I haven’t fouled out.”

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