Richard Thomas Uzdevenes aka Saltwater Rick, born February 27,1960 in Madrid Spain. A Navy brat moved to Gulf Breeze Fla at the age of 3. Grew up listening to the A.M. Radio and playing air guitar and singing everything poorly. Mom was a piano player and tried to teach the kids to play, but I was to wild to sit and learn much at one time. I started writing my own stuff at fifteen when a teacher told me what a great job I did on a paper I wrote on Santa Rosa Island. Late songs from my catalog came from life’s  treasures or pains and when I was working for American Airlines as a mechanic in Tulsa Ok. I had the blues so bad being away from home that I wrote Saltwater Blues.   I started performing it on the island at the open Mics at The Sun Ray Taco Shop the other players with the name Saltwater Rick. I have 49 songs written in the library of congress under Saltwater Rick volume 1 and have a notebook full for vol 2. Looking forward to PBSF 2023. Come on down to the Deep South and breath in the Saltwater-air and take ride on the Gulfside.